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Dear Islamic Society of North America Conference

I dig you, I really do—but please stop with the internalized Islamophobia. In every major lecture please stop saying “We, [why are you speaking for me?] American Muslims, love the USA. Islam cannot be forced on people [duh—are you talking to the invisible white folks who bugged the room instead of me?] and Shariah *completely* complies with the constitution.” 
Please let’s be honest here: religiosity of any form challenges the legitimacy of the state just by the mere fact one answers to another power other then the state. Also Shariah and the constitution are human endeavors—hence, they are not perfect and it’s just plain dishonest to say they are completely the same.

If you want to combat Islamophobia, stop internalizing it. Combat racism, sexism, ableism, classism [etc]—and you’ll be also combating Islamophobia. Stop stressing Muslims are normal humans and just be yourself. 
Do your dawah/Islam and if necessary, use words.
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